About Us

Rose Galvin, CPT

Rose Galvin is the owner of Body Science Personal Training, she has been in the Fitness Industry for almost 20 years.  Rose began her fitness career on the College Campus in Sydney Australia teaching classes.   Her love of fitness has never wavered and since her college days back in Sydney she has continuously worked as a fitness educator & mentor to hundreds of people over the years, always seeking to further her knowledge of new developments in the fitness industry in order to provide her clients with the best program possible.  Rose has worked for some of the finest clubs on the South Shore and her success as a trainer led Atlantis Sports Club to offer her the contract on their personal training services and a home for her business at their Braintree Facility.  One of Rose's many credentials is "Cancer Education Specialist", one of only a few in the area.   Rose is also a health & fitness educator/speaker for Lifecycle Focus and delivers seminars and workshops for many companies throughout Boston

Rose's many years in the fitness industry, has enabled her to work successfully with all age groups and those with special needs and health challenges.  Rose takes a genuine interest in every client, their goals and well being. 


American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer
Cancer Education Specialist
AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor
Balancepoint Pilates Instructor
Resist A Ball Certified Instructor
Urban Rebound Certified Instructor
National Safety Council First Aid, CPR & AED
19 Years Fitness Industry Experience


Aaron Bresky

Aaron holds an NSCF Certified Personal Trainer Certification and is currenty completing additional course work to further his knowledge.  He has been a Body Science Personal Trainer for almost 2 years.  His love for fitness dates back to his early high school years.  As a freshman in high school he weighed under 130lbs and through a dedicated weight training regimen and proper diet he put on 20lbs of muscle by the end of his senior year thus he became hooked on weight training for life!  He looks forward to passing on his motivation and the knowledgehe he has gained over the years to his clients.  Helping a client reach goals and build a solid foundation for their fitness lifestyle is incredibly rewarding for him.  He enjoys working with men and women for all ages and fitness levels, he is patient yet motivating and creative.  Oh and he is always a half hour early for everything!

Body Science Trainers are NCCA Accredited Personal Trainers and are highly competent. Body Science trainers are required to undergo initial and ongoing inhouse training.
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